Here are all of the posts in chronological order, detailing the project steps from start to finish:

2011 Jan-11 Welcome to the Caleb Entertainment System Blog!
2011 Jan-12 The Plan
2011 Jan-12 Original NES
2011 Jan-15 Post Removal
2011 Jan-22 Bricked :(
2011 Jan-23 Back in Business!
2011 Jan-26 An Evening of Soldering
2011 Feb-11 JoyWarrior
2012 Mar-22 Current Status
2012 Mar-22 NES Controller conversion
2012 Dec-04 Case and Controller Solutions
2012 Dec-06 Teensy 2.0
2013 Mar-07 Gamepad Teensy Code
2013 Mar-07 Failure and Success
2013 Aug-22 It fits!
2013 Sep-04 Breathing Room