Growing Like a Weed

The other day I told Bobby that it feels as if we brought a whole new baby home from Hawaii. Caleb has changed so much over the last month. Not only has he changed in terms of his mobility (he both crawls and pulls up on everything), but intellectually he’s grown so much too. He is quite a little chatterbox now! Tonight Caleb made a beautiful noise. One I’ve anxiously awaited hearing. Caleb said “Mama” for the first time! And he didn’t just say it once he’s been saying the “Ma” sound repeatedly all evening. It’s so much fun seeing him grow, and develop.

Caleb also recently took a liking to solid foods. I tried to push solids on him right around the 5 month mark but he didn’t want much to do with them at the time. He’d eat a bite here and there and then close his mouth refusing any more. So I backed off and watched for him to show me when he was ready. And he definitely left me know when he was ready for real food!!! While in Hawaii he became fascinated by anything that I’d eat. He’d try to mooch off my food and drink from my glasses. It is really quite funny how obvious he made his new interest in food! We are now getting into the habit of him regularly eating solids. It’s been so fun trying out new foods. Some of his favorite foods so far are: carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados and rice cereal. Oh yeah, and he loves frozen yogurt too. 🙂

I really love this stage that Caleb is going through right now. Its so exciting watching him move, and explore his surroundings. He’s such a playful, silly little guy. However, he’s still a total cuddle bug and wants to be held and comforted often.

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