There is a fairly good reason for my absence from this blog for the last couple of weeks. Caleb and I are on vacation! We are visiting the in-laws in Hawaii. Last Sunday (April 10th) we flew into Oahu, Hawaii. The original plan was to spent a little over a week here for a fun filled ‘Chick Trip’. Well, those plans quickly changed. I changed my ticket and now will be leaving on May 5th, and rather than flying home alone Bobby will be flying out next Wednesday and then we’ll fly home together.

The flight here went fairly well. Caleb fussed, and slept, on and off. It was stressful at times, but I had to remind myself that it would soon be over and I would never see anyone on the plane ever again.. except my wonderful travel companion, Valeri, that is.

This last week has been a fun filled time of hanging out with the Byam women, along with Bobby’s dad, Tim. Caleb has not been short of attention at any time. The first few days here Caleb was a little unsure about everyone. He’d cry when other people held him or even just got in his face to try to play with him. It didn’t take him too long to get over his fears of his Aunties, Grandma’s and even his Grandpa.

Here’s a pic of the whole gang:

Myra, and Tim, my parent’s in law own a gorgeous home in Kailua. Caleb and I are staying in the “cottage” in the back yard. Its a separate building in the backyard complete with electricity. It only lacks a bathroom. I love the privacy we get in our own little house, as well as not having to worry about Caleb’s crying or early morning wakings disturbing anyone.

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