House Fire

When I was 12 years old my family moved from Mesa, Arizona to North Dakota. My parents bought a house 5 miles outside of the small town of Bottineau. On Wednesday morning I got a call from my dad informing me that the house, the house he was still living in, had been ruined by a house fire the previous night.

The house was completely burnt to the ground.  Their home is located 1/2 off of a rather remote highway. It was a motorist who called 911 to report the fire (my dad was at work) and by the time the fire department arrived the fire was already out of control.  And since they are located in the country there are no fire hydrants available. They did their best to control the flames, but there was nothing they could do to save any portion of the home. A sweet old dog, Divit, was trapped in the house and died. Luckily though my sisters little dog, Princess, came to live with us just 5 months ago! If she had not joined our family she would have been in the house at the time also.  Along with Princess I recently requested all our family photo albums from my dad. So thankfully, those were saved too! I’m so glad to have the albums as I’ve heard that photo albums are the one thing that people really regret losing to house fires. And I truly treasure photos.

They believe the fire started in the garage as that portion of the home had completely burnt by the time the fire department arrived. It is highly unlikely that they’ll ever determine what the cause of the fire was though since the damage was so extensive.

My mom sent me a picture, on my phone, of the damage.


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