The Smart Trike

On Thursday Bobby got off of work nice and early. And it was a beautiful sunny day. He also brought a new toy home for Caleb. His first tricycle!!! We’d decided to spend some of our tax refund on this trike, however the plan was that I’d go pick it up at Toy’s R Us in the near future so I was definitely surprised when Bobby came home with the box containing the trike. And this trike is not your ordinary tricycle (obviously, what would our little Caleb do with one?). It’s a Smart Trike.

Basically, it starts off as being the coolest stroller ever. Then you can remove the safety bar and straps and it becomes a tricycle with a push bar. After that when your child is able you can remove the push bar and it’s a nifty little tricycle. Pretty smart, huh? 🙂

Bobby and I have concluded that riding a tricycle is a reflex rather than a learned behavior. Just watch Caleb’s feet in the video below. Too bad he can’t reach those pedals yet!

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So,  since we had our super cool new trike we decided to take Caleb to the park.. for the first time! I’ve been wanting to take him to try out the baby swings since he’s now able to sit on his own.

He loved swinging! It was absolutely adorable. He’d giggled with delight when he got close to me.  Wanna see?

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Ahhh, I am ready for Spring! And Summer!

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