Welcome to our blog!


So we’ve decided to start blogging. Why you might ask? Because everyone’s doing it these days. And because even 5-year old girls have blogs these days.

We are blogging partially to keep records of our own lives, but mostly because Grandma needs constant updates on what’s going on.

Please visit us frequently. Feel free to join our blog using the Register link on the left so you can post comments and subscribe to keep yourself notified of new posts.

See you soon!

Bobby, Patti, and Caleb

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  1. Myra says:

    Okay, I’m peeking!!!!!

  2. Grandma Myra says:

    Good morning Caleb!!! Wish you were here!!!

  3. patti says:

    Caleb’s Mommy wishes he were there too. Because where Caleb goes his Momma goes too. And if Caleb were in Hawaii then Mommy would be in Hawaii too. And if his Mommy was in Hawaii she’d be thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and warm weather instead of freezing her buttocks off here.

    Oh, did you hear that its going to snow this week??

    *big hug* 🙂

  4. Grandma Myra says:

    Did you get your snow yet? It’s been cold here. In the 50’s at night the last few days. I know, I know….. big deal huh? But when you’re not used to it…. it’s cold! But(t) you would like it anyway!!!!