A dog and his boy

I’m pretty sure these two are going to be buddies:

Up until about a month ago Caleb didn’t seem to realize that he shared a home with 2 dogs and a cat. Now that has definitely changed.  He loves our pets. Caleb is always watching the animals and when they get close enough he reaches out to touch them.  He used to grab them and pull their hair whenever he got the chance. Now Princess and Bufu are quite scared of Caleb and run from him when he gets near. Not Kimo though.  Kimo loves to sit by Caleb and has done amazingly well with him so far.

One thing that Caleb loves to do is “chase” Kimo around. By chase I mean I hold Caleb up and help him bounce or walk trying to catch Kimo. He thinks it’s just the funniest thing and will bust up laughing at Kimo.

About 2 months ago I took a few pictures of Kimo and Caleb together.  Caleb didn’t really have a clue what was going on at the time, but we thought it was adorable that they were sitting together, and Caleb rested his hand on Kimo.

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