rice cereal

Caleb has never been a fan of “sitting on the outside.” When meal times roll around.. well, Caleb wants to be right there too. For months we’ve just brought Caleb into the midst with the help of the bumbo chair. He’d hang out in the bumbo, on the table, and we’d eat. Recently though, Caleb discovered that he could scoot his bumbo around by pushing off with his foot. So long for using the bumbo chair on any elevated surface!!! So, we bought a highchair:

And since we got a highchair we decided to try giving him some rice cereal! His first solid food. It was really mostly breast milk but contained a decent amount of rice cereal as well. I didn’t mix much together for his first feeding. I guess I figured he wasn’t going to want much to do with it and reject my attempts to give him anything other than his beloved milk.

Boy, was I wrong though!! Caleb made some silly faces and a good portion ended up outside of him… but he loved it!!! He kept opening his mouth wanting more.

It only took a few minutes till we ended up with this:

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