Las Vegas, baby!

I love all the firsts. This week Caleb had a number of firsts. First plane ride, first “vacation”, first time in Las Vegas. Yes, Las Vegas. We made a very short trip to Vegas this week. Bobby had a work conference/gun show all day Thursday in Las Vegas. A friend, who works for Alaska Airlines, offered me a buddy pass to fly stand by and travel along with Bobby. I excitedly accepted the invitation. This was a completely spontaneous trip for me. I booked my trip on Tuesday evening and we were off the following day!!!


On Wednesday afternoon Caleb and I picked up Bobby from work and we all headed over to the airport. I was a little nervous about how Caleb would do on the plane. However, he was an absolute angel! The only time he fussed at all was when we were taxiing to take off. There were quite a few open seats on the plane and luckily we got our own row!

Once we got into the air I fed Caleb and he soon fell asleep. And slept almost the whole way there!!! Yay! 🙂

We stayed at the Imperial Palace on “The Strip.” Bobby had already purchased a ticket for a Penn and Teller Magic Show. Shortly after arriving at our hotel he left for the show. Caleb and I were both exhausted and went to bed soon after Bobby left. Bobby definitely enjoyed the show!!!

Views from our hotel balcony:


On Thursday Caleb and I walked Bobby down to the convention center. We then spent the day wondering around outside on the strip, periodically returning to our hotel room to nap, and nurse.

We met Bobby at the Venetian Hotel & Casino for lunch.

Caleb LOVED looking at everyone and everything. And well, it seemed everyone loved to look at him. I mean, I know he’s the cutest baby ever and I personally can’t get enough of his gorgeous face. But.. this was kinda weird! Everywhere we went people were looking at, and smiling, at me and Caleb. I had sooo many comments about how cute he is. I’m pretty sure I now know what it feels like to be one of those extremely beautiful people that people’s eyes are just drawn towards.  And no, I’m pretty sure I was NOT imagining it!  I had at least 100 people make some sort of a comment about Caleb (some directly to me, others I just overheard).  And we were only there for a day!!! After awhile it just got annoying and I wanted to be left alone. Oh well, it’s not everyday that you see a beautiful baby like Caleb on the Las Vegas Strip… unless apparently you watch the movie ‘The Hangover’.. I was told that Caleb looked like Carlos from the movie.. hehe. I’ve gotta watch this movie now.

After Bobby was able to leave the conference he met up with us at the hotel. We all napped for a little while, ate dinner at Subway, and headed to the airport. The flight home went well! We departed at 8:30 p.m. which is a little later than Caleb normally goes to bed. So once we were on the plane he was pretty tired and ready to sleep! And sleep he did. He was zonked out up until the last 15 minutes of the flight. He woke up shortly before landing to check out his surroundings, cry a little just to make things interesting, and eat.

Oh, Bobby did decided to play the slots for a few minutes. He put $10 into a machine and left with $20- not bad!

Good times 🙂

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