“Where’s my Mommy?!”

Growing Like a Weed

The other day I told Bobby that it feels as if we brought a whole new baby home from Hawaii. Caleb has changed so much over the last month. Not only has he changed in terms of his mobility (he both crawls and pulls up on everything), but intellectually he’s grown so much too. He is quite a little chatterbox now! Tonight Caleb made a beautiful noise. One I’ve anxiously awaited hearing. Caleb said “Mama” for the first time! And he didn’t just say it once he’s been saying the “Ma” sound repeatedly all evening. It’s so much fun seeing him grow, and develop.

Caleb also recently took a liking to solid foods. I tried to push solids on him right around the 5 month mark but he didn’t want much to do with them at the time. He’d eat a bite here and there and then close his mouth refusing any more. So I backed off and watched for him to show me when he was ready. And he definitely left me know when he was ready for real food!!! While in Hawaii he became fascinated by anything that I’d eat. He’d try to mooch off my food and drink from my glasses. It is really quite funny how obvious he made his new interest in food! We are now getting into the habit of him regularly eating solids. It’s been so fun trying out new foods. Some of his favorite foods so far are: carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados and rice cereal. Oh yeah, and he loves frozen yogurt too. 🙂

I really love this stage that Caleb is going through right now. Its so exciting watching him move, and explore his surroundings. He’s such a playful, silly little guy. However, he’s still a total cuddle bug and wants to be held and comforted often.

Ready, Set, Go!

It’s official. Caleb is mobile. For the last month Caleb has been lunging forward onto his hands and knees, recovering from there to a sitting position, and also occasionally crawling forward slightly. On the day that Caleb turned 7 months old (the 17th) that all changed. All of a sudden Caleb took off crawling! That was only a little over a week ago but he’s already gotten quite skilled at getting around! He’s also now pulling himself up on stuff on a regular basis.

I’ll post a video when we get back home.


What Hawaii does to Caleb’s hair:


This last week we took Caleb to the ocean for the first time. He absolutely loved it! Caleb is definitely a water baby, and is just happy as can be when in the water.

Pictures? Pictures!


There is a fairly good reason for my absence from this blog for the last couple of weeks. Caleb and I are on vacation! We are visiting the in-laws in Hawaii. Last Sunday (April 10th) we flew into Oahu, Hawaii. The original plan was to spent a little over a week here for a fun filled ‘Chick Trip’. Well, those plans quickly changed. I changed my ticket and now will be leaving on May 5th, and rather than flying home alone Bobby will be flying out next Wednesday and then we’ll fly home together.

The flight here went fairly well. Caleb fussed, and slept, on and off. It was stressful at times, but I had to remind myself that it would soon be over and I would never see anyone on the plane ever again.. except my wonderful travel companion, Valeri, that is.

This last week has been a fun filled time of hanging out with the Byam women, along with Bobby’s dad, Tim. Caleb has not been short of attention at any time. The first few days here Caleb was a little unsure about everyone. He’d cry when other people held him or even just got in his face to try to play with him. It didn’t take him too long to get over his fears of his Aunties, Grandma’s and even his Grandpa.

Here’s a pic of the whole gang:

Myra, and Tim, my parent’s in law own a gorgeous home in Kailua. Caleb and I are staying in the “cottage” in the back yard. Its a separate building in the backyard complete with electricity. It only lacks a bathroom. I love the privacy we get in our own little house, as well as not having to worry about Caleb’s crying or early morning wakings disturbing anyone.

One of my favorite things….

These are the moments that I treasure. I am so blessed.

Baby’s First Haircut

Caleb has had really long hair on the top of his head.

Caleb was born with a very full head of hair. However, shortly after his birth he lost quite a bit of his hair. The hair on the sides, and back of his head, that is. The hair on the top of his head grew, and grew, and grew. So last night I pulled out the scissors and gave him a bang trim.

Perhaps I need to take a bit more off the top? 🙂


“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;  he gently leads those that have young.”

-Isaiah 40:11

About a month ago God led me to that verse in the bible. I was struggling and really needed to hear from God. I was feeling discouraged as a mother and had a variety of different questions and insecurities filling my head, “Am I a good Mom?” “A bad Mom?” “Do I hold my baby too much?” “Should I force him to sleep in his own room… in that crib?” “Should I let him cry it out?”

I have chosen to try to parent Caleb gently. To let him take the lead and attempt to overcome my cultural views of what baby care should be and to let him, and my instincts, be my guide. Its not always easy.. but it works for us.  And for now I feel like its the right thing for him.. and for me.

Caleb has a high need for physical closeness. And that need has led me to “baby wearing.” I have a variety of baby carriers that I use to keep him close as often as we mutually desire. The one in the photos in my newest carrier, my ring sling. Honestly, it’s probably the only one I really need but it took a few other carriers to figure that out. The benefits of baby wearing are quite extensive.

I get a lot of comments from people when I have Caleb in the carriers, especially the sling. Some of the most common comments I hear are:

“What a neat baby carrier!”

“He looks so happy/peaceful/content in there.”

“I wish they had those when my kids were babies.”

“I want someone to carry me around in one of those.”

Someday I hope to be able to educate  new moms about the benefits, and how to’s, of babywearing, as well as co-sleeping and other attachment promoting behaviors. But for now I’m just a student.. learning from my baby, from others and from the only perfect parent, God.

Caleb’s First Art Project

I’m not quite sure why.. but last night I got this idea in my head that it’d be fun to let Caleb finger paint. Of course real finger paints were out of the question since Caleb puts everything right into his mouth. So we made our own finger paint. With rice cereal. It was…interesting, and absolutely hilarious. Caleb loved playing with the new stuff, but for some reason he just didn’t get the point that I wanted him to make a creation on the paper! I mean honestly, why make something on paper when it’s so much more fun to crumple it up, shake it around put it in your mouth?

Maybe we’ll revisit the finger paints in about 3 months. 🙂

And of course we took tons of pictures: