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Welcome to This site is a place for me, Robert Byam (aka Bobby Byam) to share my personal pictures. This site contains online photo albums driven entirely by web software I have written.

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Recently added albums
Baby! (February 2010)
Hawaii, Fall 2009
Mt. Rainier (Sunrise), August 2009
Port Angeles, August 2009
Disney World, July 2009
Mt. Rainier (Longmire), May 2009
My Home Theater, March 2009
Hawaii, Christmas 2007
Arizona/Grand Canyon, April 2007

Archived albums
Mt. Rainier (Paradise), August 2008
Yellow House, May 2008
Windstorm, December 2006
Chinchillas, May 2006 Blogs:
 Caleb Entertainment System - my journey building a computer inside an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

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